An explanation of the choices I've made in creating my web presence. 

My web presence that I have chosen is a representation of myself- focusing on my created identity as Style Outfitter, a fashion feeder. Basically, it inspires young hunger fashion addicts upon choosing their daily outfit. Hence the name, Style outfitter.

By looking at the blog, my attempt to create an impression of myself as someone whom is a fashion feeder and a trend starter by keeping updates of what selected outfits I wore for the day.The vision is for the site to provide interesting pictures along the lines of my styling and also sharing different types of styling for my audience.Creating this genre of blog was a challenge as I have always admired various fashion bloggers. My experience so far has been very interesting. Through discussion with many classmates, they have chosen Wordpress as their main host site, but I choose Blogger as it gave me more freedom and links perfectly to my Gmail account, which my familiarity level laid.

The template selected is clear, simple and minimalistic.  The idea was to keep it clean to avoid being overly crammed with background noise. This allows full focus on the photos and minimal captions of the required information. It retains the main focus instead of shifting the focus, this also allows more opportunity for future construction on layout. The blog consist of a About Me page, Contact page, Home page and the Exegesis Page. On the side bar we have widgets from Lookbook.nu, Twitter, Chictopia and Instagram. 

The power of Web 2.0 tools, have no doubt invite various valuable social network creation to expand my blog hits. In creating my own web presence, I have selected to utilize Twitter, Instagram, and Lookbook.nu. The tools I have utilised for each of my nodes are well represented and states my identity clearly. They have given me the power to form a coherent and consistent frame of my online web presence. The blogger site is used as a central node, where it becomes a solid location to link back to from all my other nodes.

Twitter becomes a vital necessity to my audience as it provides them instant online live updates. In addition to that, I am able to follow various other fashionista’s from all around the world to keep myself updated. I’ve enjoyed using it and believe it serves a tremendous useful purpose. It enables me to retweet all of my relevant website/article/information via a link posted by someone else rather than it being located on my authentic site. This also means that I wont have to update my website every time I find useful information which I want to share. Further more, it allows me to link to people with similar interests as mine and be kept informed of useful information they post. This is very important for a fashion feeder as the trends are constantly changing.

The second important contributing node to my web presence would be Instagram. The creation of Instagram becomes a doorway to any average person wanting to crave attention from the world. The use of Instagram allowed me to create suspense to my audience on what to expect for my new blog post. It provides them an update of when and what I am about to blog about. The creation of suspense is to keep the readers coming back and interested in what is going to be posted next. The creation of tags on Instagram allows the freedom to browse through visuals, which makes it easier for others to see the picture. It doesn’t stop there; it allows my audience to view the tag information to make it simple for them to locate which also helps my blog to be exposed to other readers.

My third contributing node, Lookbook.nu. This site is catered for all fashion followers around the globe. They range from India to Australia. It’s a central system for all fashion outfitters like me. Basically, each user will post a fashion look of them and generate likes from fans. The use of Lookbook.nu becomes vital for my site as my identity acts as a outfitter herself. Through Lookbook.nu, I am able to generate readers to my blog link. The pictures, which I post on Lookbook.nu, can be referred to my blog site if the reader is interested in my own identity. It also provides authentic personal views and definitely more fashion follower’s readers, which is what my web presence is targeted at.

My overall experience in creating this web presence was quite a challenge. Although Google sites were relatively simple to use in most respect,  I did encounter difficulties when trying to insert link feeds on my delicious account. I was unable to find a suitable alternative for delicious. At one point, I also would liked to have more options for design to present my web and contributing nodes more consistently as possible. However, the ideas became too absurd that I decided to keep it as minimalist like any other fashion bloggers. Nevertheless, consistent and defined image avatar were able to achieve to this extent for recognition. The time taken to ensure that all material sufficiently links back to my website, clearly and concisely was underestimated. Admittedly I was hesitant about having personal information about myself available on the Internet, however the final weeks of the course and this assignment has altered my opinion and gave me a chance to do other alternative genre of blogging. The creation and formation of my web presence have taught me to overcome the unintentionally digital shadows. Web presence has no doubt gave a positive step to influencing my online reputation.


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